Renovating a House: Where to Start?


Renovating a house can be a great opportunity to turn an old house back into its original state while incorporating a bit of your taste. It can be a fun project. Whether you intend to bring life to an old house, rescue centuries-old house from ruin or simply help a neglected house come back to its true form. So, let’s find out how to renovate a house on a budget?

By renovating, you can stay in your dream house without having to spend as much money. Also, it is a great way to make money. You can buy and renovate an old house and sell it with much more property value.

Before getting all enthusiastic about renovating a house, you should consider a few things. One of the major obstacles you can face can be the budget. House renovations can be costly. So, before you start the process of renovation, try to figure out how much you would like to spend.

Find a Suitable Property

The first thing you need is to look for a property that needs renovation. Almost every house can be renovated in one or another way. You can start your search by looking into an online database and contacting estate agents. Usually, the properties that need renovation have ‘in need of modernization’ written beside them in estate agents’ details.

But how do you know if you are not landing in a property that will cost you more money than you expected to spend? It is recommended that you survey the below things before purchasing any property.

  1. A perfect location: Take a look down the neighborhood before you buy a house. Renovating a house in a decent neighborhood can drastically change the price of the property. Typically, streets with schools, hospitals, super shops are best because people will want everything near their hand.
  2. Neighbors’ home: The look of the street also matters while buying any house. If your neighbors have changed the look of their house, it means you will probably have no trouble renovating the house. Also, a neighborhood with a well-maintained house means the people are proud of their house.
  3. Extension opportunity: Keep an eye if the property has enough space. So, if you need to add some extra space to the house you can. Also, see if any of your neighbors have extended their house.
  4. How much remodeling will it need? If the house has some small issues or bigger ones. For a damaged roof or window, it may take a considerable amount of money to remodel. It will also cost a lot more to rewire and add central heating. So, keep an eye on the budget and buy a house that will fulfill all your requirements but won’t cross the budget.

Create a Budget for the house Renovation

Once you have purchased the house, you need to make a budget for the renovation process. If you plan a budget according, it will be much easier to spend on a certain amount of money for one task. Take a good look around the property and make an assessment. Find out how much you will have to spend on each project and go with those that you can afford.

 Designing Process

To make a design, you need to assess the house and find out the best and the worst features that it carries. Certain problems might come out while doing construction works. I recommend you appoint a designer who can help you with the design of remodeling. If you are planning for an extension, you should contact an architectural agency, who can assist you with design and planning.

Check for Renovation Restriction

Before planning the renovation, find out if the property is a listed building or if it in a conservation area. If the building falls into any of the categories, you may need to apply for planning consent.

Planning Permission for House Renovations

Once you have the designs of your plans and you know what paperwork is needed, you need to apply for planning permission to your local council. Some renovations strictly need planning permission, while there are some which are considered as permitted developments. If you do not want to go through the troubles of planning permission, you can simply go for the works that are considered permitted development.

Building Regulations Approval

Whether or not you need planning permission, it is a must that you apply for building regulations approval. Your renovation project must comply with the building regulations for the health and safety of the building and the people. Conduct any survey that the building regulations require for house renovation.

Conduct a Bat Survey

Bats like dark spaces. Some old buildings become the home of bats and you do not want to find yourself in a house filled with bats. Also, it is a criminal offense to harm the bats. So, although it is expensive, a bat survey can save you from a lot of troubles, also you will know if you should take special measures.

Start the construction process

After you are done will all the above works, you can start the renovation process. Find a good contractor, who can understand your requirements and will do all the things you need accordingly.