Design progress

After getting to know the client and site analysis we conduct many meetings and discuss initial designs. This design development phase helps us from the initial scrap to ground up mature design. On this basis we offer best customize functional solutions to the clients and finalize the best option.
Space planning
This stage entails the detailed plan of your space in best comfortable yet luxurious way possible. Based on client specification the design team will ensure details of plan including window and door placement with detailed measurements, 3D rendering and virtual reality for client to comprehend the idea of whole space.Conditional to your primacies, the references of what might include such elements as:
  • kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms modifications.
  • Additional details in architectural aspects such as moldings, pillars for greater visual and more special impact.
  • Remodeling space into more effective use like converting a room into a home office.
Concept formation
After the agreement on how to deal with space we present to you the complete design concept. A floorplan with Virtual mood board and a model that will help you with the clear view of the proposed design for your space and it will serve as the foundation for next step which is to plan budget and selecting material.
At this stage we will go over the Documents and detailed description sheets detailing our contact specifics. We will customize the budget according to your needs.
Selection of Materials
Selection of materials according to your taste and need is among our topmost priority. We will suggest a selection of materials and products for you to choose from. After all this is finalized then we move on to the final stage of selecting materials and products for the project.
3d Modelling drawings/ interior & exterior design
At this point, the original concepts of your space have been worked out upon the previous construction. Custom plans are offered to better understand and make sense of the space while guidance at every step by our design team. To aid you better, we provide 3D renderings and tools to show different colors, lighting and textures to actually see how the selected materials and products will actually look like.  After you have the permission to accomplish your dream you need help making it a reality.
  • Still Renders
  • 3D Walkthrough Animations
  • Floor Plans
  • Photo realistic Renders
  • Real Time Renders
  • Panoramic Renders
Getting 3D drawings is a good advantage as it can help you visualize what your proposed work will look like once the work is completed.
It helps you amend individual properties to see what potential work can be done and how you can gain the most space or your need as much as you want. For an example if you were getting a 3D walkthrough animation for your kitchen; we are able to fit in the exact model of your oven, sink and so on to see if you will have enough counter space and can follow the kitchen workspace triangle.