Interior Decor

Furniture selection

Our team at Kpcl is vigilant in providing best furniture solutions to your needs, We belıeve not only ın outlook but on ergonomıcs and functionality of furnıture ıtem. The furniture should look good and match wıth the house ambıance as well as ıt should be comfortable and ın budget, our team specıalize ın keen selection of craftsmanship and checking the durability of every piece. We wıll be wıth you on every step of this furniture selection process

Interior Decoration

For project finalization our team at Kpcl will give the final decoration touches to your space. This part is crucial as whole project first impression depends on it. We provide utmost professional services regarding Interior décor. From adding accessories by giving final upshot to solving the existing flaws is our expertise. We will help you in choosing accessories based on your personal style combining wıth luxury and functionality.


Loft conversion is a common building practice around the world by altering the empty space of the roof and turning it into houseroom or into a functional space. First thing you should know about is to work out whether your loft space is suitable for conversion or not. You need that information because some houses come with the permission which allowed you to further develop the house. If that is the case you can go ahead and plan your loft conversion, if not don’t worry we at KPCL will help you in getting permission for development.You can give us a call and our professional team will survey your property to analyze this in detail.

Things you should know prior to loft conversion

The first thing for loft conversion is understanding the structure of the existing house. Not every roof is convertible to a loft, but luckily, most of them are. So, you have to assess whether your roof can bear the weight of the loft.Consider the floor conditions below, it is worth to consider your space option whether you want to add staircase for example.

Measure the Length you need is the first step it will tell you if your place is suitable or not. Head height in your loft conversion needs to be 2.

2m or more

Check what type of roof you haveDepend on type of roof you have for example roof trusses or rafters. Loft conversion with trusses is suitable but with extra structural support is needed.

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Consider which type of loft conversion you should choose

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Main fourtypesof loft conversion are common:

Planning permission requirement

·         Roof light conversions

·         Dormer conversions

·         Hip-to-gable conversions

·         Mansard conversions

Planning permission requirement

Most loft conversions are covered by permitted development rights and it comes with the house and you don’t require planning permission.

However, if your house didn’t come with it, you may not be covered by permitted development. Thus, you will need planning permission.Certain factors might be needed to bring under consideration prior to such alteration of your roof, but, with few skills and knowledge you are able to do it with the help of our professional team at KPCL without spending lot of money.


Garage conversion is a feasible solution to use space for extra store room.Now it is the time to contemplate making better use of that extra space into what could be a valuable asset to you house.

A garage conversion is very affordable solution to add extra room for your home office, playroom or gym. It will add extra value to your house.

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Starting your garage conversion

The first step will be to assess the space if it is suitable for conversion or not. You have to check the existing structure, wall condition, foundation inspection, condition of walls and doors.

Decide what you want garage to convert into, whether it will be an extra room, office gym or playroom.Our team at KPCL can help you by giving you three or four creative proposals of what garage can turn into and what will flow naturally to your home. As we at KPCL specialize in garage conversions. Plus,our experience on-the-ground can help you to guarantee a smooth project and a foreseeable budget.

Existing structure conversion types

Integrated or attachedgarage: If your garage is attached the conversion will be easy to work on and it will flow naturally with your main house.

A detached structure: If your garage is a detached one. There are more creative possibilities to convert it to isolated uses, such as a house gym or quiet home office even a sound proof music room.

Planning permission

Most garage conversions are internal so they may not be subjected to formal permission for development. However, in some cases, you need the planning permission, don’t worry our team at KPCL will help you with planning permission.

Building regulations

Garage conversions are always subjected to building regulations. For upfront schemes, the building notice route may be sufficient, whereby you or us at KPCL informs the local authority of your intent to start work 48 hours prior to commencing on site.With more complex projects, you may prefer to have full structural plans drafted. In this case an inspector will inspect the property.

Key works

Before the conversion, there are few keys works you should consider

Here are some of the chiefcontemplations:

·         Flooring

·         Wall padding

·         Water insulation

·         Roof insulation

·         Windows & door placement

·         Heating &electric’s placement

·         Aeriation (air circulation)