Home Improvement: How to Choose an Architect?


It is the job of an architect or an architectural designer to make your dream of a perfect home into a reality. They will make a tailored design, considering all possible obstacles to make the home of your imagination into reality. Their plans will help you through getting planning permission and the construction stage. So, for any home improvement project, how you choose architects, or architectural designers play a vital role.

When do I Need an Architect?

An architect or an architectural designers job is to design your project from its early stage. You do not have to concerned about preparing a design before consulting a designer. Focus more on your ambition regarding the project. For a house extension, find out how big you want the kitchen space to be, or how many bedrooms you want, what lighting and ventilation arrangements you want. Discuss your ideas with the architect or the designer; they will make an ideal design to make the dream of your project come true.

Architectural Drawings for Planning Permission

When it comes to the planning application, architectural drawing is one of the first few things that happen in mind. If you ask, “do I need architect drawings for planning permission?” I would say, you don’t necessarily need a certified architect to draw the architectural plans and designs for your planning application. You can easily take the help of an architectural designer, who knows your local council’s requirements and can make the drawings accordingly.

Where Do I Find an Architect?

To find a good architect, who will listen to your plan and make the design of your dream, you need to do some research. You can make your inquiry in the following ways-

  • Internet

You can find anything and everything on the world wide web. If you google for the best architects in your area, you will find a list from where you can shortlist the ones you want, do some more research about them and choose. Check on their website and social media accounts. You can see the reviews, their portfolio, and have an idea about their services.

  • Recommendation

Another useful way to find an architect is a recommendation from family, friends, and neighbors. If any of your neighbors have made a home improvement, and you like their style, you can always ask them for a recommendation. This way, you will have a reliable source of information.

What to look for in an Architect?

If you have already found an architect and wondering how to choose the architect to make the design of your dream home, you should take a look into the following aspects-

  • Their previous works and experience

You can find the portfolio of any architects on their website. Before making a decision, you should take a look into the previous works of the architect or designer. With their works, you will know how good they are in their job.

  • Experience dealing with the council

If you want them to do your planning application works for you, you must take a look into their experience of working with the local council. You can ask them for the councils they have worked with, or you can simply look into the council’s planning portal.

  • Do they prioritize your demands?

An experienced architect or architectural designer will know where to put what. But you need to remember, the house has to be made as you wish, following the building regulations. Discuss the details of your likes and dislikes with your architect. Be careful that they don’t steer you away from your plan.

 If They Value your Budget

Budget is a significant issue during any home development. Designing a home is expensive. So, make sure you choose an architect who respects your budget and make a design accordingly.