Garage Conversion Step by Step


If you are looking for a cost-effective way to add some extra space to your house, a garage conversion can be your solution! A garage conversion will not only add extra space to your home, but it also can add the value of your property up to 10 percent of the usual value. We are giving you a  step by step garage conversion solution to turn your garage into a perfect living space.

Benefits of Garage Conversion

If you have a garage that you do not need to use, you can easily convert it into a living space. Garage conversions are much easier than a loft, a basement or an attic. By converting a garage, you will not have to lose any of your garden space, which any other extension will require. It will save a lot more money while adding extra space and increasing the resale value of the property. If you know the steps of garage conversion, you can easily make your garage into a habitable place.

Designing the Garage Space

The first thing you need to consider while converting your garage is the design. Conduct an assessment of the existing garage, the walls, roof, and foundation. It will give you an idea of how comfortable the living environment will be. It will give you an idea of how to design the garage to make it a living space and how much it can cost to make the conversion.

Planning Permission for Garage Conversion

Converting garage does not usually require planning permission, as it is considered permitted development providing it is an internal work without enlarging the building. Although, if you intend to convert the garage into a separate house, you may need planning permission. For some buildings, such as listed buildings, flats, and maisonettes, converted houses, the local authority may have removed permitted development for garage conversions. So, we recommend that you contact your local council before going ahead with the garage conversion.

However, if you do need planning permission, you will have to pay a fee of around £200.

Building Regulations for Garage Conversion

Building regulations approval is required to carry on with the works of garage conversion. According to the Local Authority Building Control, Full Plans application can ensure the security of the works to be done.

A garage conversion needs to comply with the following regulations-

  • Foundation
  • Structural Strength
  • Weatherproofing
  • Insulation requirements
  • Windows and ventilation
  • Garage floor level

Garage Conversion Cost

Your garage is already a prepared structure with walls and foundation. It may already have and plumbing. So, the cost of a garage conversion can be a lot less than a regular extension which can cost more than £13,000.

A garage conversion can cost between £5,000 and £7,000 or more, depending on the size and type of garage you want to convert. Design fees can range from £1,000 to £2,500 and £300 to £400 for a structural engineer. A single garage conversion can cost as little as £5,000 to £23,900. Double garages usually cost more. It can be anywhere from £31,300 to £43,300.

A garage with an unstable structure can be costly while knocking the garage down and making a new one will be cheaper. Also, take a look at the parking areas around your home before garage conversion. If the parking is a little distant from the parking area, a garage conversion can decrease the value of your property.