It is true that you can make an online application for planning permission from anywhere. But in KPCL architecture, we have years of experience dealing with the council and we can guide you through every step. In KPCL architecture, we will provide you with the existing and proposed drawings along with everything else that is needed for the planning application. If you want, we will apply for theplanning on your behalf and will deal with everything that the council needs for your application. This can save you from a lot of troubles.

When you confirm that you want us to carry on with the drawing works, we will need to conduct a site visit to take measurements of the property so that the drawings can be properly done. You can also discuss any additional information you want to share with us during the site visit. By taking a look into the property our experts will be able to identify what has to be done to make an application forthe specific property. You can provide us with the measurements, pictures, and videos if you want, in that case, site visit will not be required.

For Structural Calculations the engineer has to conduct a site survey to provide you with the proper calculations.

Once we are done with the site visit, the assistant project manager will send you awelcome email. The email will mention a possible time limit within which you will receive the drawings. Usually, we take 7-10 working days to submit the initial drawings. When we receive a positive reply from you, we will carry on with the application process. In the meantime, if you want any amendments to be done we will deliver it to you.

Once we submit the application to the council, you will have to pay a council feesfor the application. After that, the council will take a few days to validate your application. The council will mention a possible date of decision in the validation.Usually, it is within eight to thirteen weeks from validation.

If you want to change anything in your drawings, you can email us what changes you want and where in the drawings you want those. Our team will instantly start working on them. We will not apply until we are sure you are happy with the drawings.

If you already have planning permission for your development, and you want us to do the building regulations drawings, we will need all the drawings that you submitted for planning permission. We will take a look into those and during the site visit we will determine the measurements and other documents that are needed for your property.

Once the decision is made by the local authority, you can challenge the decision by appealing against it. In KPCL architecture, we have experts who can help you through the process.