3 easy ways you can get started: Fill out Enquiry Sheet below, by emailing or by
Calling us.A consultant will call you back to get some key information from you and next day a surveying team will visit your property to take measurement and ask some more
details.We have surveyors across London and Greater London as well as the West Midlands, so wherever you are, we are!



The visit will be extensive depending on the complexity of your property and the
proposed works. During this time, we will take many measurements enabling us to create accurate drawings of your property.



Once we come back to the office, your project will be assigned to a case officer who will then take up to 7-14 working days to produce all the architectural plans. We also have an express delivery service where we can produce the architectural drawings for you within 3-5 working days. From the proposed ideas that you had given at the site visit, your case officer will produce several design layouts from which you can choose from and we can finalize. We will send you PDF versions of architectural plans and if you require any design changes, we can do it for you up to 3 times free of charge. You can also make an appointment with our designers to discuss the plans face to face at our Vicarage Lane office in Stratford. Once you are happy with the design, we will send the finalized architectural drawings and any other necessary documents to your Local Authority along with Planning application.



If you would like KPCL to deal with your Local Authority or any third parties, we will be happy to do so. For example, if you would like us to submit your planning application and deal with the council right till the end of getting a decision we can. We can also deal with your local water supplier if you require a build over agreement. Having a good relationship with most councils in London and Greater London is a positive thing as we get assigned planning officers that know us well due to the high volume of successful applications. Having KPCL by your side through your application process will help you achieve your dream.